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Quality American-made Intake Testers for Vintage V-twin Engines


Don't go lean!

Worse-case scenario is an intake leak that can cause to your really expensive vintage American V-twin to go lean in one cylinder and melt a hole in the piston, gall rings, and gutter valves. Best-case with an intake leak is just a cantankerous engine which refuses to be a consistently starting, idling and running machine.

I'm not saying that you have an intake leak, but what I am asking is how do you know you don't?

Our Intake Testers are designed to be used under vacuum to simulate real world conditions present within your intake system. Positive air pressure can also be used to inspect for a leak-free install- but the vacuum inspection is by far the cleanest, accurate, and most discreet method.

The 2 Bolt and 4 Bolt 6061-T651 aluminum Intake Testers feature an integrated quad-ring which provides a superior leak-free seal and allows a simple installation without fussing about with a gasket. The MIL-spec anodizing ensures a durable lifetime finish. Each Tester is supplied with the popular "industrial shape" quick-disconnect fitting and stainless mounting hardware. Made just for you in the USA, machined and assembled by Munz at the Milkhaus.

We currently offer three different models of Testers, the Two Bolt model for the more modern intake types, the Four Bolt model for the earlier OHV big-twins, and our latest addition- the Three Bolt model designed to fit the 45 / 80 cu.in. side valve models!

Our experiences have driven us to develop tools to help the engine builder or the passionate enthusiast:  Intake Testers for Knuckles, Pans, Shovels, and Sporties and early Evo that offer robust design for a lifetime of use and are simple and easy to use. Each is hand-built and American made, right here in Milwaukee at Milkhaus Speed Research, and each is 100% tested to ensure proper fitment and sealing.  Please visit the "Products" link to view more!

Our most sincere thanks to those who have supported us!