Burn Fuel. Use Oil.  Make Heat.

3 Bolt Testers are a dying breed....


When they are gone, they are done. First come, first served.

Designed for the "standard" 45 cu. in.  or "big twin" 80 cu.in. Side Valves.

Manufactured from the highest grade materials available... these offer a molecular-bonded silastic rubber on a 6061 aluminum plate. No adhesives here!!! This is a 500 degree F capable, chemically resistant, resiliant rubber with a shore hardness which mimics that of an O-ring. 

Each is meticulously machined by hand; then MIL-Spec anodized, laser engraved, hand assembled, and then fully functionally tested to ensure that the tester will never, ever give you errant readings.

Equipped with dual-drive flanged hex bolts, which will allow you to easily mount and remove from your installation. All are equipped with the standard, industrial shape air coupling for a lifetime of reliance.

Simply put, if your intake installation has a decay rate greater than acceptable range, you can rest assured that the fault lies somewhere in the intake system.

​                                                                 -BUT-

Material costs have skyrocketed, I cannot make the 3 Bolt testers any longer. What I have in stock is all that is left.