Work Smarter. 

That's our motto around here, and we are working diligently to bring you products that help you do just that.

We have several new offerings we think you will be delighted to use, and more on the way!

First up - the SLAP HAMMER! A handy little kit that takes advantage of existing bolt holes and the physics of a "smart rap" to easily dislodge a pinned cover from its mating gasket and case. Super simple to use. Any evidence of modifications is hidden by the cover fasteners. Works like a charm, 100% of the time. In fact, it works so well; you most likely can reuse your gasket!

This set-up is the end of using putty knives / common screwdrivers / hammers / swear words and gashing up a sealing surface. Take a look...


Next up we offer the TIMING DECALS! Sick and tired of dealing with little plugs in the timing port? ...or even worse, none at all and getting the "oily eyeballs"? The only way to check dynamic timing is with a strobe and a running engine, and the factory decided to put those marks inside the engine. 

We now offer two sizes of industrial vinyl decals, cut to fit the alternator rotor or the front pulley belt guard which have chemical and heat resistant properties.

These are accurately graduated to provide you with a no-nonsense method of easily checking your advanced timing with a running engine. Take a gander...

And we also offer the CAM BUSHING REAMER! We have been making these for years, but we never really advertised them besides through word-of-mouth. If you have a 1936-1969 big twin and you recently replaced the cam bushing in your cover, this tool will size that new bushing to the correct inside diameter and leave a nice finish in the process. Take a peek...

Burn Fuel. Use Oil.  Make Heat.