Burn Fuel. Use Oil.  Make Heat.

We specialize in the world of "make-this-fit-that". Our years of experience and exposure provide you with an unparalleled level of fit, finish, and exception.

With the broad array of over 2 decades of experience ranging from racing, chopping, street mods, and aerospace, we provide you, our client, a unique perspective to problem solving and getting you one step closer to your vision. Our specialty lies with "experimental" engines, ignitions, and drivetrains.

Whether it is something as simple as a carrier adapter machined to mate different parts that were never designed to be together, or as complex as complete engine architecture modification, machining, and assembly - and everything in between - we are a resource you can rely on.

We pride ourselves on being upfront, honest, fair, and comprehensive throughout the project. Simply put - we are fussy. Fussiness matters because it represents adherence to quality and rigorous demands. Whether your project is for a showbike, a racing machine, or just a daily driver, we will provide you with a level of execution and craftsmanship that meets those expectations. We give you real world progress reports with honest answers and deliver to real world expectations.You can expect regular updates from us during the course of your project, and we can custom tailor our services to fit your budget. We are discreet and can cloak your project in complete confidentiality if need be. 

While each project is unique, please do not hesitate to contact us for an estimate!  Remember the old tattooers addage: "Cheap ain't Good and Good ain't Cheap".