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See the SLAP HAMMER in action here:

Serenity NOW!

This little guy works with the existing bolt holes in your cover. 

It works on all kinds of different cover applications....American cam and primary covers, British timing and clutch covers, Japanese clutch covers... If the cover is pinned to the case, this little guy is the trick to getting that cover off EASY!

Essentially, the trick is to thread the bolt holes, near where the locating pins are situated. (If it has an approximately .250" bolt hole, just run the tap in there, vaccuum out the chips) Then simply thread the SLAP HAMMER in and give it a little thump-thump, and swap it to the other bolt hole and thump-thump...back and forth once or twice and voila!, the cover just slides off the pins.

And you never even gashed up the gasket sealing surface. 

For those of you who are puritans... there is no evidence of the cover bolt holes being tapped when the hardware is reinstalled. Yes, you do modify your cover with the addition of threads- but I implore you: what would you rather, risk damage to the cover via other methods of extraction?

Features include knurling for a non-slip grip on the mass and the shank, a nylon mass stop to prevent cover contact, and a knob to prevent the hammer from rolling off uneven surfaces.

Made in the USA, by hand, for you.

Slap Hammer Set includes USA made 5/16-18 Bottoming Tap. 69.00 USD, shipped CONUS.